Our Approach to Our Distributions

Firstly we identify Charities and Organisations, which operate on the front line of those areas we seek to support - helping those with communication difficulties and those with cancer or diabetes.

Then we explore how we might help to provide small amounts of equipment, services, training or special projects to assist them in fulfilling a little more of the work they do.

One consequence of this is that 100% of the funds we provide go to help those individuals with communication difficulties or with cancer or diabetes.

Some of the organisations we support do not specialise in the areas we wish to support but they do work with the individuals we wish to support. We encourage and support their efforts in helping those with communication difficulties.

In the fields of cancer and diabetes we continue our communication theme - promoting awareness of the conditions and encouraging early diagnosis. We believe this can improve treatment and outcomes. We also help to improve the flow of information during difficult times in the lives of patients, families, carers and friends where these conditions are having an impact.

The people working with these charities and organisations have tremendous enthusiasm for the work they do so it is an enormous privilege to help them in our small way. In turn they help us reach many more people with these extra challenges in life - those individuals we have set out to help and support.